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Scholl Canyon Dump Expansion Plans


As presented in TERA newsletter July 11, 2014 



Your voice is needed now to protect Eagle Rock's quality of life. The board of The Eagle Rock Association (TERA) voted at our June meeting to oppose Glendale's proposed expansion of the Scholl Canyon Dump. The clear threat of increased air pollution in Eagle Rock is one cause for alarm. Now we ask your help to stop this dangerous dump expansion.


The Issue: The City of Glendale has released a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and is seeking comment on proposed expansion of the dump, which includes two variations for the proposed project: a vertical expansion only (Variation 1) and a vertical and horizontal expansion (Variation 2).  Variation 1 will extend the life of the dump by 13 years. Variation 2 will extend the dump's longevity by 19 years. Scholl Canyon dump is currently scheduled to close in 2021.  


The Impact:

  • "Unavoidable adverse impacts related to local air quality" even after mitigation, according to the draft EIR.

  • Increased diesel exhaust from the hundreds of dump trucks entering the dump each day, leaving nearby residents breathing concentrated levels of diesel exhaust.

  • A garbage high-rise of 180 additional feet, or 14 stories tall!

  • Increased traffic-related noise for residents near Scholl Canyon Road between Ventura (134) Freeway and the 7800 block of N. Figueroa.

  • Adverse impact to the nesting habitat of some birds protected under the federal wildlife law, according to the draft EIR.

What You Can Do:


1.  Sign TERA's petition against Scholl Canyon Dump Expansion.  
      Download the petition


2.  Call Councilmember Huizar and urge him to OPPOSE Scholl Canyon dump enlargement and fully deploy the City of LA's resources against this expansion. Councilmember Huizar's office number is: 213-473-7014.


3.  Attend the July 31st Community Meeting with City of Glendale staff.  The meeting will take place from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Eagle Rock Recreation Center, 1100 Eagle Vista Drive, 90041. Voice your concerns and show that Eagle Rock is united against this expansion.


4.  Submit your written comments to the draft EIR.  Written comments on your assessment of adverse impacts should be sent to:


By Mail:          Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County  

                       Attention: Ms. Debra Bogdanoff 

                       1955 Workman Mill Road 

                       Whittier, CA 90601


By email:    



5.  VOLUNTEER with TERA's efforts to inform Eagle Rock residents!

We need your help to reach and rally TERA members and Eagle Rock residents about this significant threat to our quality of life. TERA will host phone banks to contact residents on Sunday afternoons. To volunteer, please contact Luis Lopez at 213-840-9312 or via email at:  


The draft EIR:


Click here for TERA flyer against Scholl Canyon dump expansion. 


Glenale News-Press story:,0,5283132.story


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